Winter has gone and the days are getting longer with daylight savings just around the corner, so post-work rides might be back on the cards without needing to throw some lights on your bike – or duck out early.

If you live in a part of Australia that has a cold and wet winter, you'll be pretty stoked to have warmer weather and hopefully drier trails. While we can adapt to the new conditions pretty easily, it is worth thinking about our bikes – they might have had to put up with some pretty filthy conditions over the past few months. So here are some of our tips, and some from the pros, to get your bike feeling like new again.

Clean your bike like a boss

Getting your bike clean should be the first step before any further maintenance – especially if you're taking it to your local gun mechanic to work on it. While there are those who say never use water, a proper wash with a bucket is required to really shift grime.

The range of products from Krush are a great place to start, especially as they are designed to be used on bikes. Sure, go top up on microfibre cloths and the like from an auto shop, but be wary of their spray on, wash off cleaners, degreasers and even tyre shine. Products made for cars and trucks can just be a bit full on for bikes!

Step 1

Give your bike a low pressure rinse down with the hose. No need to get up close and don't blast any bearing locations.

Step 2

Spray on some Ultra Drive Train Degreaser – just on the chain, cassette, chain ring and jockey wheels. Scrub those parts with a brush, or a even use a sponge. Just really scrub it in to all those parts.

Step 3

Give everything a spray with the foaming rapid wash. Like the degreaser it helps to have the bike a bit wet already.

Step 4

Put some of the Premium Bike Wash in a bucket and fill it about half way, use the included brush to go over everything except your drive train and rotors. Be thorough! Do both sides and underneath all areas. Give everything a light rinse with the hose

PRO TIP: Use an Abbey Bike Tools Wash Buddy if you have access to a workstand, to clean your drivetrain more thoroughly.

Step 5

With an assortment of rags, use an old one to dry off all drivetrain items first. Get into the derailleur and around the cassette. Use the chamois in the Bike Bucket to do the frame, wheels and the rest of the bike.

Step 6

Grab some Krush After Wash Spray and spray it over the frame, forks, rims, bars, your controls and even your drivetrain. Avoid the brakes though. Use one rag to wipe off excess from controls and drivetrain parts, and another to buff the frame and other components.

Step 7

You can wash away any contaminants from the brakes and clean off the rotors with Krush Rotor Revive. For best results, wipe down the rotors with some paper towel.

Step 8

For lubrication, use your chain lube of choice. Krush Platinum lube suits a variety of conditions. Don't forget all the small areas of your bike, a small syringe with chain lube helps get access to pedal springs, lock out levers and derailleur pivots.

Now that it's all done, check your suspension settings and tyre pressures – and get started on any fine-tuning with the pro tips on the next page.