Words: Ben Morrison 

With more and more 2018 bikes featuring the new metric standard shocks from varying brands we sat down with some of the key players in the suspension world and asked them to dull things down a little bit.

Many of you will have read up about these new shocks and the advantages, of which there are many. But what is metric and how will it make the lives of mountain bikers better? 

Jose Gonzalez is Trek’s Director of Suspension Development and spoke to us about Trek and the advantages of metric shocks. As a former manager for the Kawasaki Team, Jose knows an insane amount about suspension and development and has a background that has helped him look at it from many angles and often very much outside the box of the bike industry. So much so, he’s also worked with one of motor sport’s biggest names, Team Penske, in order to help find a suspension edge over the competition.

Another person that is passionate about suspension is Duncan Riffle, SRAM’s MTB PR and Media Coordinator. Duncan has a vast history in the sport of mountain biking, achieving some of USA’s best ever Downhill results on the world stage. Duncan has seen suspension evolve literally underneath him as a World Cup DH racer for heavy hitters like Giant Factory Off Road Team and his own World Cup Team, “Giant Nerd” where he was owner, manager and racer – along with another suspension tech head Brad Benedict who now works for Specialized and their Ohlins collaborations.