Words: Mike Blewitt

Photos: Imogen Smith 

What one rider chooses to ride in is different to the next, but I guarantee you will have your favourite jersey that you reach for. I have a couple of favourite items that are in high rotation, from shoes, shorts, socks, gloves, helmets, jackets – and of course jerseys.

A casual trail jersey can take plenty of forms, but for those chasing a t-shirt style there's a lot to be said for reaching for a purpose-built jersey instead of a t-shirt from your favourite brand. From both a fit, hygiene, comfort and even a safety point of view for hot and cold weather. 

The Pacific North West (PNW) Ozone Trail Jersey quickly became a favourite, and I think it might for you as well. The jersey is soft and comfortable like your favourite t-shirt, but the material blend of 80% polyester and 20% wool means it fights odours and dries quickly as well. The high polyester count helps the tee hold it's shape when wet from rain or sweat, and the wool really helps with the wicking of moisture away from your skin.

The jersey is flat stitched for durability and comfort, and those who ride in a backpack will appreciate that. The collar is reinforced at the back, so you can expect the neck will hold it's shape, no matter how many times you pull it on for a ride.

The cut itself is moderately fitted. There's plenty of room to move while still having a casual cut. I wore a small, at 178cm and 72kg. The size range runs from XS through to XXL, and while I had the Crater (grey) colour, you can also choose Helium (pale blue). The sleeve length is spot on for a trail tee, being longer than a regular t-shirt. The rear hem is also dropped for a little more coverage.

There are perforations in the under arm to help with ventilation – it's hard to say if that really makes a difference. This was a comfortable jersey on all but the most humid days here in south east Queensland. But I'm yet to find anything that is actually comfortable in those conditions, except lying on the floor with the AC on full blast.

I really liked how neutral the jersey was, with nearly zero branding, and even a cut that didn't yell 'I'M A BIKE NERD' at everyone. It was comfortable for hiking as well, and if I ever went running I reckon it would be a good fit there as well.

Kudos to PNW for using Bluesign approved materials. This means that the materials are sourced from suppliers who have a safe and sustainable environment for workers. Take that as a cue that they don't use sweat shops!

The PNW Ozone Trail Jersey is currently available direct from their website. The price is a little higher than a fully synthetic jersey, but I guarantee it will likely last longer and look better as well. And funnily enough, PNW back their products up with their own lifetime warranty.

RRP: $89
From: pnwcomponents.com


  • Comfortable and understated
  • Bluesign approved materials
  • Great workmanship and material blend


  • A little pricier than some jerseys
  • No key pocket