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Pedro’s are a brand with a storied history in cycling. Founded way back in 1989, Pedro’s first product was their ‘Syn Lube’ chain lube, before they expanded into tools made from recycled plastic in the 90s. Head into plenty of bike shops around Australia and you’ll find mechanics who’re rusted on supporters of Pedro’s range, especially their tyre levers.

After a brief hiatus in the Australian market, Pedro’s are back, and are being distributed nationally by Leadout Sports. A little while ago I wrote a feature about kitting out a home workshop, and I discussed options from Pedro’s throughout. I’ve had a bit more time with their latest tools in hand now, and today I’m going to be focussing on their Burrito Tool Roll. 

Pedro's Burrito Tool Roll.

Retailing for $410, the Burrito Tool Roll sits slightly below Feedback Sports’ Team Edition 19 Piece Tool Kit ($450) and is a fair bit cheaper than Park Tool’s Advanced Mechanic Toolkit ($579.99). There are cheaper tool kits on the market, but I’d class Pedro’s in the same ballpark as these two brands, so I’ll use their products for comparison.

The Burrito Tool Kit features 24 tools with 31 functions, and the kit gets its name from its ability to be rolled up to about the size of a US portion burrito. The condensed and portable nature of the kit is a handy feature for travelling, and once the roll is folded out, it’s easily draped over a workstand to provide easy access to the tools. To stiffen up the tool roll you need to install a couple of frame poles, but this is easily done in about 30 seconds. Depending on what style of workshop you’re able to setup (or not) at home this feature is very useful. Spreading your tools out neatly at eye level is a fair bit nicer than scattering them on the floor.

The Burrito Tool Roll features 24 tools with 31 functions.

In terms of the tools themselves, there’s a nice spread that covers most mechanical needs. There are hex keys from 1.5mm through to 8mm, T25/T30 Torx keys, a chain whip, a cassette lockring tool that integrates into the pedal spanner, screwdrivers, cable cutters, a chain breaker and checker, quick link pliers, multi spoke wrench, and a toothbrush for cleaning.

All the tools have a quality feel to them, although the hex key set and Torx keys aren’t as nice as Pedro’s standalone hex and Torx key set that retails for $155 including a pouch. Considering this whole toolset comes in at $410 this minor quality difference is something that’s easily looked past. All the fittings worked just fine on the parts I used them on, and the L shaped hex keys with a ball end are always handy for bolts in tricky locations.

The Toll Roll is well organised.

Some standout tools in the Burrito Tool Roll are the chain checker, which is a quality tool that’ll give you more accurate readings than other chain checkers on the market. I also liked the integration of a 24mm socket driver into the pedal wrench. The placement of the socket driver gives you plenty of leverage for removing a cassette with the provided cassette lockring tool, or working on a bottom bracket (a BB socket is also provided).

The chain breaker is another quality item in this set, with a sturdy feel about it that should last for years to come. My last standout item is the chain whip, which features a handy catch to ensure the chain doesn’t fly off and leave you punching a flesh hungry cassette at full force. Another neat touch that isn’t tool related is the small, zipped pocket for smaller loose items like the cassette lockring tool and 3 way spoke truing tool.

The latch on the chain whip is a clever inclusion.

So how does it compare to what’s on the market? As I mentioned, Feedback Sports’ Team Edition 19 Piece Toolkit retails for $450, and these 19 tools perform 25 functions as opposed to the Burrito Tool Roll’s 31. With Pedro’s you’re getting a 1.5mm allen key that the Feedback Sports kit doesn’t have, however their 6 and 8mm wrenches are slightly nicer in the hand with a more ergonomic handle.

Another useful tool included by Feedback that would be nice to see in the Burrito Tool roll is a Shimano Crank Cap Tool, which is an infuriating tool to not have when you need it. On the other end of the spectrum, the Feedback Sports kit is missing individual allen keys from 2mm – 6mm, as they’ve opted to cover these 6 sizes across two three-way tools. Whilst a 4mm/5mm/6mm is perhaps the most used tool when building bikes up out of a box, there’s no doubt that individual L shaped hex keys are more useful for ongoing maintenance.

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What about the Park Tool Advanced Mechanic Toolkit, which retails a fair bit higher than the Burrito Tool Roll at $579.95? With the Park Tool kit, you’re getting their Cyclone Chain Scrubber, valve core tool, a tape measure, a dummy hub, a big adjustable wrench, and their big blue book of bike repairs. Are these items worth the $170 price increase? Individually the answer is yes, however it’s a case of priorities as I think the ability to sling the Tool Wrap over your workstand is a big benefit over a kit that’s more out of the way and harder to find what you need. Similar to Feedback Sports’ offering, it’s a matter of priorities as to which kit suits your individual needs and workspace best.

The ability to hang the tool roll over your bike stand makes it very user friendly.

Whilst overall I thought the Burrito Tool Roll offered a well thought out package for its intention and price point, one tool I really missed was a set of needle nose pliers, ideally with extra functions like an outer holder and side cutters for crimping end caps. A 5nm torque wrench with 4mm/5mm/6mm bits would also be nice, but if you’ve spent a fair bit of money on your bike a proper torque wrench with all the bits is probably a wise investment anyway. A pick would also be handy for opening outer, but that’s an easy addition and exactly what the spare space in the roll is for!

Overall, the Burrito Tool Roll offers a great spread of tools for the asking price of $410. It’s a kit that’ll allow you to undertake most routine maintenance on your bike, and whilst it’s missing a couple of items that are useful, it well and truly covers the important bases, and the ability to hang it over your workstand is a standout feature in my eyes.


  • Good spread of tools
  • Great price to performance ratio for a home workshop
  • Tools like the Chain Checker and Chain Whip are top class
  • Functionality when draped over a workstand


  • A set of needle nose pliers with integrated side cutters

Price: $410

From: www.leadoutsports.com.au

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