Words and Photos: Mike Blewitt

The pack includes tape, two valves, sealant, a valve core remover, and application tube for the sealant. The tape is really thin, and super light. As such it conformed to the rim really well on fitting. Although when smoothing it down I did manage to score a line through it with some rogue finger nail – this was a minor problem but worth being aware of when setting it up, and if you’re using tyre levers at a later date. At 24mm wide the tape will suit modern XC and trail rims. The valves are a bit longer than most, perfect for deeper carbon rims, and use an o-ring either side of the rim, meaning they should seal well, but it also should mean the larger section at the base will clear the tyre beads when inflating the tyre.

The sealant, like the tape, is orange. By using particles of different sizes to cover a wider variety of tears and punctures, Orange Seal then mix them with a premium latex to create a biodegradable sealant.

Using the provided valve core remover, filling the tyres was easy right from the container, and this method is a lot easier than keeping some in the tyre and seating the tyre bead. And cleaner.

I did manage to inflate both tyres with a track pump, although both had been set up tubeless before, and are ‘Tubeless Ready’ models. I kept the valve core out for faster inflation. The rear tyre I used was available as it had a hole that would not be sealed by my regular sealant. It took a bit of leaking, and leaving it with the hole down – but the Orange Seal plugged the hole.

After 400km more riding, the setup doesn’t lose air any differently to other brands, the valves hold the air really well, and I’m impressed by the effectiveness of the sealant. It’s said to last well in a range of temperatures and altitudes… and I can attest that it has stayed effective (i.e. liquid) longer than others in a warm Queensland garage.


Great job at sealing holes Tape is thin
Easy setup lightweight tape  
RRP $100-110 bicorp.com.au