Recently, Fi’zi:k have introduced channels into their saddle designs, with their Versus men’s saddles featuring a long, depressed central channel, and their Open men’s saddles sporting a cut-out centre - like the Luna X5 we’ve tested here.

Fi’zi:k tell us that cut-out saddles often lose structural integrity - in other words, when you make a hole in the centre, a saddle will lose some of the stiffness that supports your body weight for efficient power transfer. To overcome this, Fi’zi:k have designed cut-out saddles like the Luna X5 around a laterally strong, carbon, co-injected nylon spine. The X5 is also designed to flex where you need it, with IschialFlex wings that give with various impacts from the trail.

The Luna X5 comes in two sizes: regular and large, and sizing is dictated by Fi’zi:k’s new Spine Concept. There’s an app and a website to help you in get into the Spine Concept process (just Google Fi’zi:k Spine Concept women), but basically Fi’zi:k suggest that a saddle size can be recommended according to your average ride speed and weight. The system has its flaws, so for those who simply wish to choose their saddle based on the width of their sit bones or a former favourite (sensible), the regular is 280mm long and 141mm wide, and the large is 280mm by 153mm.

Taking the Luna to the trail

I stuck the Luna X5 on a carbon hardtail to make sure I could analyse each and every bump offered up by my local trails. The saddle proved stiff under pedalling, but pleasantly flexy when I sat and rode over roots and rocks. The saddle feels sturdy and supportive, without being too heavy or bulky, and it was long enough to allow fore and aft shifts while climbing steep pinches or tackling seated descents without compromising any comfort.

The Luna X5 is nicely finished, with reinforced Microtex sides to prevent scuffing, and a synthetic, Microtex finish. At 255g (260g for the large), it’s not a cross-country race saddle for gram counters, but is well suited to general trail riding and should last reasonably well. The X5 also features Fi’zi:k’s corrosion-resistant S-Alloy rails, and is compatible with Fi:zi’k’s integrated clip system so you can mount their own saddle bags or rear lights.

Saddles are always going to be a personal choice, but if you like a cut-out saddle and want the most up-to-date thinking on saddle design, the Luna X5 is well worth a look.



- Excellent stiffness through centre line - Spine Concept sizing system seems rather unscientific: use your own discretion 
Good flex through wings  
RRP: $149