If you like coffee, you’re unlikely to operate without it. And plenty of sports food out there has caffeine in it. But if you truly love coffee, it’s less about the caffeine and more about the flavour. And that’s where Coffee Bars come in. With a promotional tag of ‘Eat your coffee’, the makers say that each bar contains a cup of joe. The ingredients list reads like a superfoods shopping list, with chia seeds, cacoa nibs, dates, cashews, oats, coconut, quinoa and more. They’re organic, fair trade, gluten free and vegan.

Flavours available are Mocha Latte, Coconut Mocha and Caramel Macchiato, but the real essence is coffee – and it’s not mistakable. I liked it, but then I love coffee. Others found the flavour too much. But the bars were a perfect trail snack - edible while riding, and easy to transport. They aren’t too high in sugar or fat, and don’t leave a sickly sweet taste in your mouth.

If you love coffee and want to try a new bar to pack in your Camelbak or pocket, I’d certainly recommend trying them.

- Easy to transport - You must like coffee
- Not overly sweet  
- Fair trade and organic  
RRP: $4.95 each  
FROM: mycarrot.com.au  

Words: Mike Blewitt   Photo: Matt Staggs