Words: Jared Rando                                                                                     Images: Nick Waygood

Mountain biking is relatively easy to learn, but takes years, or even decades to master. For some it comes naturally and with little effort and for others it’s a long learning curve. Through my time spent racing and coaching, it always seems that there’s a handful of key, fundamental aspects of riding which stand out, no matter what style of riding of what level of rider you are. So, to sum up what I feel are the most important five, here they are in no particular order. Keep them in the back of your mind when you’re riding and hopefully it will help you progress.

Tip 1 – Look up and where you want to go

For me, this is the golden rule of riding. Always look where you want to go and never look where you don’t want to go. It seems basic but there’s two parts to it. Looking where you want to go is a no brainer but don’t lose your focus. The key part is to look up and beyond of where you want to go. The further ahead you can look, the better off you’ll be. Take note of where your focus is on the trail and try to look beyond that. Have a look at any images of the world’s best gravity racers in action and you’ll soon figure it out. These guys look well ahead and need to at the speeds they are travelling. The further ahead you can look, the quicker you can anticipate what’s coming up and you can ride not only faster but much safer as well.