STEP 3 - Push down with your outside leg

Concentrate on keeping as much weight as possible on your outside pedal. This will help weight the bike and gain as much traction as possible. Picture pushing your tyres into the dirt as hard as possible while keeping your weight centred on the bike and low.

STEP 4 - Get your foot back up as soon as you can

Don’t leave your foot hanging (literally). As soon as you can, get your foot back on your pedal to exit the turn. At the same time, be conscious of how much you are braking. Getting off the brakes as soon as possible will help you roll out of the turn faster and also give you some extra traction.

STEP 5 - Look up, not down as you exit

Remember to look up as far as possible as you exit the turn. Often in a panicked situation, you’ll naturally focus on what’s right in front of you rather that what’s further along the trail. Focusing ahead will help you get your foot on the pedal sooner, get off the brakes sooner and increase your exit speed. Focus on exiting the turn on a wider line and not over turning in the corner which is easy to do when your back end is coming around. Get back on the pedals, throw in a few pedal strokes and get back up to speed!

Words: Jared Rando    Photos: Nick Way