Need to know:
Short term accommodation comes mostly in the form of online bookings, though there are a few quirky options like the Maydena Mountain Cabins which keep alpacas on the property that are said to be pretty friendly — it has a pretty spectacular view to boot. There are also plenty of camping options including the Left of Field caravan park in National Park.


Come prepared
There aren’t a whole lot of places to eat around Maydena, and your options are essentially at the bike park, or the National Park pub about 15min down the road — so come prepared with the supplies you’ll need to get through your trip. There are grocery stores in New Haven, which is on the way if you’re driving in from Hobart.


Maydena is also VERY hard on brakes — the mechanics in the rental shop tell us they spend 90-percent of their time bleeding brakes and replacing brake pads on the rental fleet. The rental shop has some basics for sale, but bring spares, especially if you’re not running SRAM or Shimano brakes.
This February, it snowed in Maydena and the following day was warm with hero dirt. What we are getting at is that the weather is just as wild as the terrain, and some come prepared with clothing to suit blazing heat and snow flurries.


Leave your bike at home
Maydena is designed around the capability of an Enduro bike. If your stable doesn’t include something with upwards of 150mm of rear suspension, Maydena has a fleet of Trek bikes available for hire.

Uplift pricing
Half day $59
1-day $80
2-day $155
3-day $215
4-day $280
5-day $325
Enduro pass (single uplift) $40
Climbing pass $15

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