Words and Photos: Mike Blewitt

Mountain biking is one of the best ways to escape into the bush and spend time having fun, getting a thrill, spending time with mates, making new friends, getting fit, connecting with nature or all of the above! One of the reasons mountain biking has had such great growth as a sport recently isn't just because it's awesome, but because mountain biking is becoming easier to get into. Trails are built for us, companies are set up to guide us on trails, and you can get great bikes for less money than you had to pay 5-10 years ago.

There is a catch though. While many of the skills for mountain biking can be self-taught, it is very easy to learn poor technique that can leave riders very open to major injury when they try to ride the more demanding trails that are being built around Australia. And this is exactly why skills instruction has been on the rise, and why we always have a skills section in the back of the mag thanks to Jared Rando.

I have had instruction from Dylan Cooper who runs RideTechnics once or twice a year since 2016. Dylan is a maestro of bike handling, and with a number of coaches they run sessions for anyone up to professional mountain bikers and even road riders. The right technique and skills is not just about safety, but about efficiency and proficiency – and it all leads to more fun.
One thing Dylan is passionate about is how being fast, smooth and skillful on a bike isn't just about knowing how to pop a wheelie, clear a gap or drift a corner. It's about good nutrition, strength and flexibility, a bike that works like clockwork and a good group of mates to ride with. And that's why he hosted the first RideCamp in November 2018.