Gaining about 200 vertical metres over the rest of the trail network, Loila Tier gives you access to trails like Old Salty Dog, Seeya Later and the brand new Icarus, Shucka and Send Helen’s. These gravity trails are brimming with prominent granite features, high-speed berms and plenty of opportunities to put air under your tyres. In fact, with photos we’ve seen of the World Trail builders test riding the new air trails from Loila Tier, we are yet to see anyone with rubber on the ground.

Also just opened is a new 23km adventure trail called The Dreaming Pools, named for the natural granite water features the trail meanders past — the perfect spot for a mid-ride dip. The Dreaming Pools trail also leaves from Loila Tier so you’ll need to grab a shuttle to the top, or take the Garnup climbing trail. You can get all the trail details online here.

The best part about the setup in St Helens is that once you’re in town you don't need to hop in the car for anything. From the main drag in St Helens, it's a short ride around the bay to the Town Link trail, which makes for a leisurely pedal up to the trailhead — it's also downhill the whole way back into town.