Words: Will Shaw

Photos: TBS

Australian riders have for decades undertaken the mountain biking pilgrimage that is a trip to the NSW Snowy Mountains. Classic locations like Thredbo’s famous lift-access trails, and in recent years the Thredbo Valley Trail (TVT) are destinations that are renowned across Australia, and even internationally. In the last few years however, other towns in the NSW Snowies have established trail networks worthy of recognition. The emergence of these locations inspired us to put together a week long NSW Snowy Mountains road trip, or our ‘Snowies Roadie’ as we took to calling it.

Departing from Sydney, we gave ourselves a week to take in the trails at Tumut, Cooma, Jindabyne, Lake Crackenback, and Thredbo. We enlisted locals in most locations to give us the lowdown on the best trails, and what else there is to do while you’re in town.

Day 1 - Tumut 

'Whether you’re a keen trail rider or taking the family away and want some trails to ride as well as other activities, Tumut is a real hidden gem in the NSW Snowies. If you want the real locals experience, post in the Tumut MTB Facebook page, and the friendly locals will happily take you out for a spin on their fantastic trails.'

The trails at Tumut are flowy and well built.

Day 2 - Cooma 

'Overall, we were thoroughly impressed by Mount Gladstone. It’s well worth the stop, and if you’re heading south to Jindabyne and Thredbo, we’d even say it’s worth staying the night. The trails are easily shuttleable, so whether you prefer riding mellow flow, cross-country, or technical descents, Mount Gladstone has a good variety for everyone. There’s also green loop from the carpark that’s perfect for beginners.'

Sian Ahern rips into another turn at Mount Gladstone.

Day 3 - Jindabyne

'Whilst there’s always been riding in Jindabyne, seeing just how much work has gone into both Bungarra and Mill Creek has us excited for the future. There are rumours of a trail circumnavigating the whole of Lake Jindabyne down the track, and you can already ride the TVT all the way to the Hatchery Bay trail and then to town. If you’re on your way to Threbdo, you’d be mad to not take a day and explore what Jindy has to offer.'

The riding at Mill Creek in Jindabyne is fantastic.

Day 4 - Lake Crackenback Resort 

'LCR is the ideal launching pad for the TVT. Once again, the team at Activate are able to help you out with rentals, shuttles, and anything else you might need to take on the 40km epic from Thredbo to Jindabyne, or however many sections you’re feeling up to. Now that the TVT goes all the way to Jindabyne via the Hatchery trail you can make a real day of it, and maybe reward yourself in the afternoon by booking into the spa!'

LCR is the ideal place to base yourself to ride Thredbo, Jindabyne, and the TVT.

Day 5 - Thredbo 

'We finished our time in Thredbo excited not only about the season to come, but the longer-term future of Australia’s home of gravity. The passionate Thredbo MTB team, constantly evolving trails, and all-around package that Thredbo provides is why it’s one of Australia’s most loved mountain bike destinations.'

Thredbo has riding options for all ability levels and is constantly evolving.

We're keen to get back to the NSW Snowies this year, and with Thredbo adding yet another trail to their network it's the perfect excuse to pack the car and get down there!