Photos and video: James Hiscutt

Thredbo is Australia's home of gravity, and this summer is set to cement that as the mountain bike park opens Sidewinder, a new green-rated flow trail that's 3.2km with 300m of drop.

The trail is accessed from the Merritts Gondola, one of three lifts that is operating this summer.

The addition of the trail creates more options for riders, but also a trail that lets riders who are new to Thredbo get a feel for gravity riding, before tackling some of the harder and longer trails on the mountain.

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While the trail is akin to surfing on dirt according to our videographer James Hiscutt, Kye and Sian A'Hern reckon that beginners through to advanced riders will have fun on the trail, with plenty of features to link together as you gain confidence and speed.

We reckon this is an ideal addition to what's on offer at Thredbo. A lot has changed since the only option was the Cannonball run, and with a number of lift-accessed trails, the Thredbo Valley Trail, and of course a bunch of backcountry options from Dead Horse Gap, there's a lot to go and ride when visiting Thredbo.