Norco's Sight and Range were already hits amongst trail and enduro riders, but off the back of the impressive Norco Optic that was released in April last year, Norco engineers reworked the Sight and Range, releasing he Sight Carbon and Range Carbon, in 27.5" and 29" wheel options.

The Norco Sight Carbon 9.2 was everything a big-wheeled trail bike should be.

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Just after the Sight Cabron was launched, Norco then released the new Range Carbon. With 160mm out back and 170mm up front, this thing is a hard-hitting enduro bike, and available in 27.5" and 29" wheel options like the Sight Carbon.

One of the big changes with both bikes was the linkage design and suspension kinematics. The previous Sight and Range models pedalled really well, but almost to the detriment of their descending prowess, with a little too much antisquat built in.

With much greater shock tunes and pedalling platforms available, Norco were able to make sure they could do what they love "and that's build great descending bikes" stated Australian brand manager Robert Bekavac.

The big news from Norco for 2018 is that these same designs, and updated geometry and suspension kinematics are available on alloy models, for as little as $3199, and with two women's bikes in the Sight series as well.