Bench bent over row.
1. Done correctly this exercise targets not only the back, but the core and glutes as well.
Maintain a very wide stance, with one knee on the bench and the supporting leg on the floor with a slight bend at the knee. Create some length between the arm and the supporting knee on the bench. The purpose of this is twofold, to keep a neural spine and have space for the arm to row.
Puff your chest out towards the floor and slide the shoulders back and down towards those imaginary jeans rear pockets, keep this position during the entire exercise.


2. Be mindful to NOT let your shoulders round forward/down at the bottom of the row.
At the top of the row the arm should stop when level with the torso. Pause at the top of the row for a count of 3 and at the bottom of the row for a count of 2.


I would like to thank Sarah for sharing her knowledge and outlining some exercises that everyone can implement to become better riders. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym completing huge amounts of different exercises to be specifically stronger for the MTB. By following Sarah’s 3 go to exercises solid improvements can be made. As Sarah outlined making sure the form is correct for these exercises is very important. Don’t start with huge weights, but, just like any training modality, you start small and build gradually.
Catch you out there,

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