There's a lot going on behind the scenes at any big mountain bike race, and th World Championships is no different. Riders have set times they can be on course for practice, or official timed runs, and then for racing. For the downhillers especially, their bikes spend a lot of time with their mechanics, getting the setup just right, and making sure they run faultlessly on race day.

New Zealand's Sam Blenkinsop is racing the still yet-to-be-released Norco downhill bike, and we jumped under the Norco tent to speak to his mechanic Darren Burns about keeping the bikes running while on the road. Burns had travelled straight from the final World Cup in Val di Sole, and is now staying on for the Norco Demo Tour down the east coast. So we were interested to see what makes the cut in his toolbox.

There are no huge surprises in the toolbox, instead, it just looks like it's set for anything, with a range of cutters, picks, cutting implements, screwdrivers and more in the top section.


The base has a full assortment of sockets, a hammer, small parts, a Park Tool ruler and of course some fresh stickers.

On the hanging board, Burns has more allen keys, and Abbey Tools chainwhip, some punches, small files and valve tools. There is also a set of vernier calipers, a sharpie and a Hollowtech II bottom bracket tool. So you'll notice there are measuring devices everywhere. Precision is of utmost importance!


On the bench are the main allen keys, a ratchet, a T-handled T25, and a Park Tools torque wrench. Notice how the allen keys aren't ball-headed? This is far more secure. We'd suspect the other allen keys in the box are ball-headed for starting awkard jobs.