The AMB Photography Awards presented by Shimano are open to enter, and we have four new categories to enter this year. Don't be put off by any of the lingo, these categories are a way to divide up images and find an overall winner for the Photographer of the Year who has a complete skills set.

We asked pro photo guy Tim Bardsley-Smith to break down the four categories, so if you're shooting for the competition you know exactly what Tim is looking for. Along with our Editor Mike Blewitt, and Art Director Robert Conroy, Tim is one of the main judges.


"Light is just about everything in a photograph, in it’s simple form a photograph is the capture of light on a digital sensor or light sensitive emulsion like film, glass, metal plates or just about anything you can paint silver halides onto," said Bardsley-Smith when we asked him about this category.

"It is easily the single most important part of a photograph, without light you have no image. However, you can choose to really use the light to help tell your story and this is what we are after."

So does that mean it can't just be #lightbro?

"Whether it’s a silhouette, sun lit dust trail or either one of the auroras setting the sky alight. Light really needs to be the hero of the image. You could use additional “artificial” light in the form of strobes or street lights. You could also just use the natural light of the sun or even it’s reflection off other celestial rocks like the moon and stars. You could even use a combination of all of the above and throw in refracted rainbow and I’d be super impressed. What I’m getting at though is, it really needs to be more than just a #lightbro lens flare moment."