Photos: Tim Bardsley-Smith, Nick Waygood

The past twenty-four months have delivered catastrophic fires, a global pandemic, and a general shift in our lives. But it's not all bad news, as Australia has seen a boom in cycling (including mountain biking), trail teams have had time to refresh trails in time for summer, and domestic travel is almost completely consistent, meaning we can all get to some of the best trail locations around the country!

With long daylight hours and time off work, summer is a great time to get out and ride. Throw in school holidays for an active family, and there's a great opportunity to pack up and head somewhere fun to ride. Here at AMB we often showcase the big lines and hard trails in the popular riding destinations. If you've just started out as a COVID-rider, or you have a family in tow, there's no reason to avoid some of Australia's epic alpine mountain bike locations like Thredbo, Falls Creek, Mt Buller, Bright – or even Maydena Bike Park (hey, the top is sub-alpine).

Every one of these locations has green trails that suit riders who are just starting out, along with bike hire if you'd rather try a different bike out on your holiday. Some locations even offer tuition, to help you make that next step, or jump, with your mountain biking. Here are just a few locations to keep in mind.

Falls Creek, Victoria

Falls Creek not only has an epic view, but it's location also means it's just about at the top of a hill, on a plateau. Falls Creek have mapped out a whole lot of gravel rides and easy mountain bike rides. So whether you choose to ride the aqueduct trails and visit some of the old wooden huts (see our Places that Rock feature) or try the long, mountain bike specific Flow Town green trail, there will always be more to do without needing to sign up for a Redbull endorsement.

Blue Dirt also have 24” kids' bikes to hire at Falls Creek, so head to the alpine resort's website for more details.