Words: Colin Levitch                           Photos: Mike Blewitt, Tim Bardsley-Smith, Matt Delorme
At its core, a bike is made up of two triangles, however the combination of angles, tube thickness, shape, and materials can be the difference between a frame that rides like a race rocket or a beach cruiser.
Beneath the marketing jargon, and the Daft Punk theory of innovation (every bike is faster, stronger, lighter, better), thousands of hours of engineering goes into to creating a bike where the front wheel doesn’t drift on a steep climb, or a long travel sled that can monster through even the rowdiest of rock gardens.
The lifecycle of any given frame is about three years and from the day a new bike is launched the design teams are already hard at work testing and tinkering on the next model to help pros and everyday joes alike.
We’ve highlighted two completely different bikes, the brand new Norco Revolver and the Nukeproof Mega 275c, to gain some insights into what went into taking a concept through to construction.