Dales of Derby

Dingemanse is one such local, with the Dales of Derby; a group accommodation that can sleep up to 24-people right in the heart of town. With a big family herself, Dingemanse found that whenever they would go away with another family, they could never find somewhere big enough to house everyone.

“We wanted to provide something that allowed groups to be able to get together, and have fun together,” she says. It’s one thing to ride the trails, but then coming together at the end of the day, hanging out and telling the stories of the fun you had, or the crash that you had — that’s what really makes the memory,” she says.

Situated right up against the Ringarooma River, the Dales of Derby is nothing like the Scout Camp you’d need to hire in most places to house two dozen mountain bikers. There’s no need for sleeping bags or inflatable sleeping mats, because everything you need is already inside. There is a vast shared living space, complete with a fireplace and a mile-long dining table perfect for family-style meals.

The whole place is finished in timber for that ultra-modern look, but Dingemanse points out it serves a dual purpose — it’s a lot harder to damage than a painted wall or tiles, which is ideal because mountain bikers are a clumsy bunch.

The Dales also have secure bike lockup, complete with a work stand and basic tools, so you’re not wheeling muddy bikes through the kitchen. The bike lockup is also situated right next to the BBQ, so you can get your bikes ready to ride while you’re cooking up some snags.

Get all the details on the Dales of Derby website.