Marzocchi Bomber Z1

From the late nineties the Z1 Bomber was the fork, its uber plush coil sprung travel, adjustability, high quality parts and serviceability and that arch! While Marzocchi has changed hands and is now under the FOX umbrella we are excited to see the big M back doing what they did best and that was bombing trails. The Z1 is based on the FOX 36 sharing the same GRIP damper and FLOAT EVOL air spring and very similar chassis. With the Z1 sharing so much with that of the 36 its no surprise that it performs very well on the trail. As we have experienced on other models equipped with GRIP the “off the top” feel is very supple but does lack midstroke support when the going gets choppy when compared to that of the FIT4 or GRIP2 dampers.

At $500 less than similar forks in this category the Z1 represents exceptionally good value and for most applications will exceed expectation

Travel options: 27.5 – 150mm – 180mm,  29/27.5+ 130mm – 170mm in 10mm increments

Weight: 2150g

Spring: Air Spring FLOAT EVOL

Adjustments: Compression (variable with no clicks) and Rebound (24 clicks)

What we like best:

Reliable, super supple, tried and tested FOX 36 technologies, great value for money, it’s a Z1 Bomber..

What we like least:

GRIP damper lacks mid-stroke support and tends to blow through travel initially, Thru axle's QR is a little flimsy, would have been nice to see more homage to the M arch of old..

Cost: $1149

From: Sola Sport