There can be common problems with forks that you might be trying to solve with a new fork - so let's look at some problem solving first.

Bike handling issues and potential causes


Not enough weight on the front wheel
Too much pressure on fork/not enough pressure in shock
Fork not supple enough/too much compression damping/lower leg service required
Stem too short/bars too high

Packing up over bumps (forks diving and not returning) often on braking bumps

Rebound too slow
Air pressure too low/spring rate too low
Not enough compression damping

Bottoming out heavily

Not enough air pressure/spring rate too low
Not enough high speed compression
Spring curve too linear, try increasing number of tokens to reduce the chambers volume

Bike/rider getting bucked over jumps (over the bars)

Rebound too fast/rear shock in particular
Rider weight too far back/not enough pressure in rear shock

Stay back!

The number one cause of a getting bucked over the bars when jumping is a rider's weight bias being toward the rear of the bike. The more weight over the rear wheel, the more the shock is preloaded and the more likely the bike wants to send you over. If you feel to be central on the bike try checking the rear shock's sag and rebound setting.