What Bike?
The wide range of trails in Mystic Park is perfect for any type of bike. An enduro bike can handle most of the descending trails while a trail bike can still handle the enduro trails and give you an option to tackle the cross country trails if you wish. Intermediate tyres are best to handle the range of dirt types with the hard pack surface turning to powder during peak tourist times.

What’s Beyond?
The Bright hills and surrounding valleys are filled with riding options. The bike path out to Wandiligong is great for a more relaxed ride while an adventure ride should take in one of the peaks like Clear Spot or Mt Porepunkah. They are both long climbs but offer great views of the surrounding alps and are well worth the challenge.

The Town
Bright has a wide range of activities and shops, being primarily a tourist town. There are many cafes to choose from and it also has an ice-cream shop to finally get that fix you’ve built up over the last four rides! But before dessert it’s best to hit up the Bright Brewery for some fuel, either in solid or liquid form.