WIN 1 of 10 pairs of Pirelli Scorpion MTB Tyres!

The Pirelli Scorpion MTB Tyres are designed specifically for the different types of terrain you ride, and we have 10 pairs of tyres to give away!
WIN 1 of 10 pairs of Pirelli Scorpion MTB Tyres!

The Pirelli Scorpion name is synonymous with success, and it was no small decision for the top brass at the Italian tyre brand to put the Scorpion label on their new mountain bike tyre range. Launched in early 2018, the Pirelli Scorpion mountain bike tyres come in four tread patterns, in two wheel sizes, and with three casings sizes to suit your use. And you know what - we have 10 pairs of Pirelli Scorpion tyes to give away!

You can find out more about the tyre range from our article after the launch.

Pirelli have four tread patterns in the Scorpion range, with each pattern optimised for a given tyre size.

Mixed Terrain

This is Pirelli's most versatile tread pattern and with the Rear, the one we rode the most for our product test. The 120tpi casing is super stable, even at around 20psi, thanks to the generous width (58mm) that the Scorpion 2.2” range inflate to on a 25mm internal rim. Like the Rear, it's suited for everything but the softest terrain, where a deeper lug with some more space is needed to penetrate for grip.

Hard Terrain

This is designed for hardpack and rocky conditions, where lots of tread contact with the ground is more important than tread penetrating soil. Pirelli state this is a great rear tyre for riders wanting a faster ride, and so it's also available in LITE casings in 2.2” and 2.4”. with closer spacing it sure does go fast, but it still hooks up really well, especially as a rear tyre.

Soft Terrain

This looks like a mud tyre. And that's because mud is soft terrain and tread needs to be deep, widely spaced, and not so soft it squirms. But that's what you need for other types of soft terrain, like dry and loose dust. The bigger tread sizes have larger lugs with more reinforced bases, but even in the 2.2" tested this thing really dug into the late summer dry, dusty trails.


Rear specific

The medium profile and tread spacing has paddle style tread blocks with excellent stability fore/aft. While the spacing is much broader for the transition and edge knobs, they're still pretty big and have a really broad base for support. The Rear tyre has been designed to be really versatile and in the 2.2” size we found it hooked up really well under braking, and on loose climbs and even on climbs with wet roots and rocks to step up and over.

As the tyres are currently in Australia in 2.2" and 2.4" sizes in 29" and 2.6" in 27.5". FE Sports (the Pirelli importers) want 10 AMB readers to try the Pirelli Scorpion tyres for themselves. Just let them know in 25 words or less what best desribes your local terrain. We'll pick 10 winners in late September.

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