First settled in 1827, Ipswich is the one of the oldest towns in Queensland. At one stage it was a prime candidate to become the capital of Queensland due to its easy access to the wool suppliers of the Darling Downs and proximity to the coast.

Nowadays, Ipswich is a real taste of the country on Brisbane’s doorstep, but also a rapidly growing city in its own right with one of the fastest growing populations in Australia. The Greater Ipswich area is also home to a tonne of mountain biking! Hidden Vale Adventure Park (HVAP) is the biggest privately owned trail network in Queensland with 117km of singletrack and plans for more in the future, but that's just the start.

While HVAP is the jewel in the crown, there’s also the weatherproof Castle Hill trails, plenty of riding at White Rock and Spring Mountain, a great trail loop at Hillview Drive, and endless kilometres of fire trail for XC or gravel riders.

Speaking of gravel, Ipswich is also the start (or end) point for the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, which is the longest Rail Trail in Australia at 161km – making for a big trip out and back!

Join Will Shaw for his trip to the Greater Ipswich region, and you can find out more in Issue #191 of Australian Mountain Bike.

You can find out more on the Ipswich Region via their website.