Michelin’s latest offerings in the downhill realm are the DH22, the DH34 and the DH34 Bike Park.

The DH22 and DH34 are from Michelin’s Race Line and are very much a race day specific tyre. They use the best, most supple rubber compounds and the most advanced casing we have seen on a bike. The DH34 Bike Park falls under the Performance Line with a slightly more durable rubber compound, lighter construction and much lower price point for squeezing out lap after lap in the park.

Those reading this and not put off by the initial shock of the 1500g (DH22) and 1450g (DH34) weights have probably wrestled with an insert or two in their time. I know a high quality 29er insert is 155g – 260g and adding that to my favourite enduro tyres at 1000g – 1250g, it's easy to see the band-aid fix can be removed and a fit for purpose tyre can finally be used without snapping your favourite tyre levers and getting covered in sealant!

And the ride? Watch the video for how they handle on the trails.

RRP: $129 for the DH22 and DH34, $75 DH34 Bike Park
From: Bikecorp