Words: Mike Blewitt and Hayden Wright
Photos: Gerard Lagana

Vertical bike racks have grown in popularity thanks to how easily they can carry lots of bikes. The need to easily transport more bikes has never been greater, as more people are getting bikes to get out and hit the trails. With vertical bike racks that can carry up to 7 bikes available, a vertical bike rack is one of the most efficient ways to get a bunch of bikes to the trail head, it riding there isn't feasible.

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Vertical bike racks aren't cheap, and we wouldn't want them to be given they need to carry bikes on them on shuttle roads, or on busy high-speed roads. So we reached out to eight different vertical bike rack manufacturers so we could test their racks back to back, to see what the ins and outs of each rack is, to help you find the one that suits you. 

The racks on test

Click through for the review on each rack:

Shingleback Sport 5 bike rack
Single Trail 5UP bike rack
Rola VBR5 bike rack
Velocirax 412 bike rack
Spot X Racks TA-X5 bike rack
Dirty Possum 4 bike rack
Death Rack custom 4 bike rack
RackPRO 5 bike rack

Note: prices were correct at the time of filming, do check in with each brand for any updates, additions to the range or further questions that relate to your intended use of their rack.