The popular YT CAPRA is now available in both 27.5” and 29”. And just like YT did with the Jeffsy 29 and the Jeffsy 27, YT have ensured that both CAPRAs are dialled with a perfect combination of aggressiveness, speed, agility, and handling. What's this look like exactly? YT deliver modern geometry with chain stays as short as 427mm on some models, a slack 65 degree headtube angle and a perfectly adjusted seat angle to deliver a full-on downhill machine crossed with the agility and uphill performance of a trail bike. And true to the YT gravity core, the CAPRA also has to master the very same tests the TUES has to pass during its development. The CAPRA is here as the ideal park bike.

The range-topping CAPRA CF Pro Race

YT aimed to deliver versatility in the CAPRA and it is defined by pedalling efficiency over long distances combined with an impressive downhill skill set. With the FlipChip technology, the geometry can be perfectly adapted to offer even better climbing.

The CAPRA 27 has the playful agility of an enduro bike combined with the gravity genes of a downhiller. The extra suspension travel ensures it doesn't give any ground when dealing with rough terrain or soaking up sketchy landings – making the bike insatiably fast and addictively engaging, on the ground and in the air.

The CAPRA Frame

The carbon models of the new CAPRA come as full carbon frames, including the rocker arm, which means the frame is 15% lighter and 10% stiffer than the previous model. For added savings and stiffness, the headset bearing surfaces of the all carbon headtubes are shaped directly into the carbon itself. 

YT didn't leave the design details when moving to aluminium. The alloy frames are visually extremely close to the carbon models and are equipped with double air-formed seat stays. Both the carbon and aluminum frames come with internal cable routing to keep things clean and tidy.

The CAPRA AL Comp - tidy!

The Virtual 4 Link suspension has had an updated with the new CAPRA, and YT worked to  ensure a linear, smooth and responsive suspension action with ample mid-stroke support as well as a progressive ending stroke. As a bonus they improved the pedalling efficiency too. Combine this with a steep 75 degree seat angle and you've got a gravity sled that can climb pretty handily.