Fox suspension have had a huge few years, but they aren't showing any signs of slowing down. Their 2018 product is starting to arrive on our shores, with updates to the Transfer dropper posts, remote lock out levers, EVOL suspension, Rhythm range - and of course ongoing refinements to the Fox 36, DPS and X2 shocks.

The big news: EVOL

This is the big news from Fox for 2018. With an increased negative air spring, EVOL delivers a more linear spring curve. You get better small bump performance and greater mid-stroke support, while also having a better bottom out bumper. This is pretty much delivering everything you want from your suspension, with no downsides.

You will see EVOL springs on all 2018 forks, and with lighter air sleeves on all 2018 shocks. All 2018 forks have the E18 tune, which really suits the EVOL air spring.

EVOL - there's more volume for greater tuning and small-bump compliance.

Riders with 2016 and 2017 32 and 24 forks can upgrade their forks to the 2018 spec by changing the air-shaft and shim stacks with the E18 tune. If you have a 36, you need new legs too.

More tuning options for DPS

With greater focus on making each fork and shock truly capable of meeting the demands of riders in category, Fox have increased the tuning options for DPS.

For XC and Marathon riders the non-linear tune allows a much more supportive Open mode, to save riders favouring Trail and missing out on the suspension range the shocks offer. The non-linear damping really helps deliver the right ride for XC and Marathon bikes. There is also the option for a maximum firm tune, for a far better lock out function.

On trail and all-mountain bikes, the linear damping gives riders a very active Open mode, which offers great control and traction.

DPS shocks now come in metric sizes on stock bikes.

Advancements for X2

Fox claim the best is getting better - and by the sounds of it that's true. From improved seals for less frcition, to the EVOL spring and a new spring curve, the tuning range of the X2 increases for 2018. This means riders will be able to tune their shock to get the exact ride that suits their style, bike and trails. Or completely stuff it up. Always trust in a good mountain bike store, or suspension specialist, to make sure you get the most out of your bike. The new X2 means you're unlikely to need a custom tune internally, thanks to the adjustment range externally.

The king stays on top - Fox 36 improvements

The Fox 36 is well-regarded as an EWS beast, and that remains the same into 2018. From supporting lots of hub interface standards, through to dropped weight with the new EVOl air spring, the Fox 36 continues to impress. It is even smoother with new seals.

The new airshaft assembly makes the Fox 36 more linear in the initial part of the stroke.

Going remote

Fox have a new remote lever with lower actuation force, better reliability and options to have push to lock, or push to unlock.

The new lever is matched with new Fit4 top caps for less actuation force. The one lever can be used for single or double lock outs, depending what your bike needs.