In the world of mountain biking, setting up your tyres and wheels tubeless makes sense for just about everyone. That's not to say the system is without flaws. You need to have rim tape that has been well-fitted, a valve core that isn't clogged with sealant, tyres that don't seep, and of course you need a sealant that suits your use. Plus you need to put fresh sealant in as it does go off and try out.

Running tubeless does not mean you can't get a flat. A tear in a tyre, or a puncture larger than a few millimetres can be hard to seal quickly, even for the best sealants. Hanging around waiting for sealant to work can take a bit too much time for some, especially in a race situation (or racing to get home before your leave pass ends). And that's where a plug kit comes in. A plug inserts into the hole and leaves the plug in place for the sealant to work around, but in general you're good to go again.

The new Dynaplug Racer Carbon is just 15g and KWT Imports are selling it for $49.95. Yep, cheaper than all their other plug kits! So there really is very little reasoning to be stuck out on the trail with no way to fix a flat. The pack comes with a mini refill pack and two plugs loaded. It's actually just nylon, not carbon fiber, but it's light and black and will suit those who love the black carbon look.

Replacement plug kits are about $20 for a five pack. So at $4 each that's less than half the cost of a tube, which might be your other option after getting a flat. So plugging the tyre is not just faster, but cheaper as well. And chances are you might not have lost much pressure, so there's no time needed to pump up a tube from empty either!

What Dynaplug is right for me?

We have published a workshop feature on how to use a Dynaplug already, which looked at the differences of using the Micro Pro and the Racer. The Micro Pro is 43g and costs $74.95 but comes with a steel plug to stop any extra air egress, along with room for plugs and a tiny knife to cut any excess plug off with. It is a little fiddly with those pieces, which is why the Racer is made as well.

The Micro Pro is the whole package, with a stopper, plugs and a knife.

The Racer ($68.75) is really bare bones, and the alloy racer really isn't that much heavier than the new carbon one. Sure as a percentage it is, but the Racer is dual ended, and loaded and ready to go. Stop, remove the offending item that caused the puncture, take the cover off and push the plug in. Inflate as necessary and get back on the gas! Using the Dynaplug Racer is all about speed - don't bury it in the bottom of your pocket or spares pack, you're missing the point. 

Now if you want something really fast for sealing and inflating, the Tubeless Repair AIR is your choice. It has actually been discontinued, but there is still stock around. It sells for $89.95, but is also a CO2 inflator anyway, so it's a pretty useful system, given the chances you have lost air from your puncture are pretty high.

So whether the new 15g Dynaplug Racer Carbon is for you or not, if you have shied away from carrying a plug tool of any kind, and just trusted your tubeless system, maybe it's time to look at one of the above for some insurance out on the trails?

Dynaplug kits are available from your local shop, and are supplied by KWT Imports