The new Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt combines the compact size of their popular bike GPS along with a crisp, colour display, and expanded navigation features. Like the Wahoo ELEMNT computers we have tested before, the new Bolt has the same easy to use interface.



The Bolt (on the right) is the smallest in the family.

The new ELEMNT Bolt has a 64-colour, high-contrast screen, which will make it easier to read from no matter the light conditions and contrast as you flash from shade to full sun. The 55mm screen is big enough to read from, but small enough to be discreet and out of the way if you mount the GPS on your top tube or steerer. The screen is made of durable, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.

With the addition of Wahoo's Smart Navigation (previously available only on the ELEMNT Roam), the ELEMN Bolt will automatically reroutes you if you drift off your planned route. From experience, this is a useful feature when out exploring new trails, as the screen will let you know you're off course, and it's noticeable unless you're in the most intense singletrack focus.

Don't miss a message or call, when connected to your phone.

The navigation system also lets you change destinations, route back to where you started, and retrace your rides right from the computer, without having to pull out your phone. There is also an updated user interface which offers customisable, colour-highlighted fields to make it simple to focus on specific data metrics. This is perfect for those who use their computer as an adventure AND training tool.

The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlight to make sure that the screen is always easy to see, even on pre and post work missions.

As looking down to read a screen while riding new trails isn't actually easy or even possible, Quick View LEDs on the top of the screen provide turn-by-turn directions, and they also signal approaching Strava Live segments for the KOM hunters. The 15-hour runtime and onboard memory increase 16GB, means you can be out all day, and the unit has the majority of maps already loaded.

If you pair the Bolt with the Wahoo ELEMNT app, you can easily customise the
data screens, sync routes, and analyse data. The waterproof body (IPX7) stands up to the
rainiest rides or a botched creek crossing.

If you prefer a GPS smaller than your phone, but really want a clear screen, simple interface and navigation - then the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt will be well worth looking at. It sells for $429.95 and will be available in June.

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