We heard it was in the works, but today Shingleback Off Road has partnered with Thredbo Resort. What's the mean for us mountain bikers though?

With the on-mountain team's vehicles equipped with the rugged racks, if you come unstuck at Thredbo and need help getting off the hill, at least you know your bike is coming down safely too. And if you're in the back of a troopy, that means there's no chance you'll be in there feeling battered and bruised while also trying to keep your rig from falling on you!

Thredbo’s on-mountain and guest services teams will all use Shingleback Racks across their fleet of vehicles. In addition, Shingleback racks have been installed for the convenience of riders near the Kosciuszko Chairlift.

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Thredbo Marketing Manager, Caroline Brauer mentioned “We see so many of our riders come to Thredbo with their bikes loaded on Shingleback Racks and have always heard great reviews. To enable us to provide the best possible mountain biking product for our guests we needed the safest, strongest and toughest racks on the market, so partnering with Shingleback Off Road was a perfect fit.”

Andrew Taylor, co-owner and founder of Shingleback Off Road explained that initially Shingleback was approached by “…the guys that work 24/7 on the slopes – the trail building and maintenance crews. These guys knew that Shingleback is the only rack that can withstand the rugged off-road alpine environment they work in. Before long we were talking to the Thredbo team including the on-mountain and guest services teams.” 

Andrew concludes “…it’s both an honour and an achievement for Shingleback to be selected by Thredbo Resorts to be their rack-of-choice, when they have the knowledge and ability to select from the global marketplace”.