This track conjures up so many different feelings for all riders. Some fear it with the amazing drops, technical sections and shear brutality. Most love it and cannot wait till it rolls around on the calendar each season. For me a few years ago it was fear but now with some focussed MTB riding and experience over the last few years absolutely love it. A pure MTB course that pushes each and every rider to their limits.

With a long break from Rnd 2 at Rydal to this round it allowed some club racing and or training for most of the JetBlack Team. Most Sundays the team visits different locations and thanks to our sponsors like The Odd Spoke put our machines through their paces and check out new trails.

As Saturday approached Team Set-up was completed by Leesa (Our VP) and Hubby Dave Pickles on the Friday afternoon. Now I normally discourage Pickles from doing a lap as 3 seasons ago on the Friday pre-race he had a huge crash which saw him hospitalised and out of racing for quite a while. Pickles was one of the riders up until this weekend this track has haunted. Saturday, we all were treated to a cold morning but a day full of sunshine. As the riders rolled into Ourimbah a calm before the storm settled in around the pits.

As the rider’s brief was handed down by another of our sponsors – Rockytrail Entertainment Director Martin Wisata the start riders and soloist headed down the fire road for the long haul back into singletrack Nirvana. The race was off. With 45 JetBlack riders there was bound to be a fluoro yellow colour all through the beautiful surrounds of the trails all day. Felly, Owen Gordon and a spread of JetBlack riders hit the trails for the 1st of many laps. As the day played out there was the usual spills at Ourimbah as always. Pickles on long meadows decided a roll down the hill would be a good idea. Tree’s become best friends with riders.

A huge shout out to Aiden Judd who managed 3 laps around the course to finish in 2nd overall in the Junior 4 hr Solo category. For a junior at his age this is a huge achievement. Always had a smile on his face during the laps. Well done Aiden. Big thanks to Susanna Mills and Peter Rohr for coming along to support their team during their down time with injuries.

Crummy was flying during the race and along with Owen Gordon were bothing smashing out some quick lap times. Fergus Mackie another of our juniors posted 2nd quickest time of the team just behind Gordo. Nathan Johnstons move North to Port Macquarie has equalled more riding time and translated into some great times around one of his favourite courses. Dave Collins has moved way from SS into a geared bike and his not so secret training is paying dividents. Ron Gorbould one of our oldest racers at +65 pumping out some cracking times. Well done to all the team that got involved with this race and everyone that turned up to race with Rockytrail Entertainment GP Series.

Next Stop Singleton for Round 4 of the XC Series. Fast and flat will be the call of the day up there.

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