Specialized created Soil Searching in 2018 as let's be honest - what's mountain biking without trails? Soil Searching is how Specialized support some of the world's best trail builders, dg days and trail networks. Specialized share the trail building story and the builder's connection with mountain biking and creating the trails we get to ride.

To coincide with Earth Day, Specialized released special edition tyres, with a portion of each sale going towards the trail work. Of course the biggest impact to trails you can make is volunteerings your time on trail days and not cutting in new lines. But this way, you can buy fresh tyres, get tan walls, and support trail work.

The tyres themselves are available in Specialized's race-winning Eliminator and Butcher tread patterns, equipped with T9 and T7 sticky fast rubber. The Eliminators will run for $90, while the Butchers go for $100 a pop.

Specialized also run fundraisers while organising dig days and generally making things happen on the trail front. But purchasing one of the Soil Searching edition tyres let's you play a part even if there isn't a dig day anywhere near you.

Head to the Specialized website to purchase - stock is a few weeks off and in time there will be a bunch more in your local dealer.