The Specialized Turbo Levo has done a lot to help the growth of eMTBs in Australia. Given the presence of Specliaized dealers, lots of demo days, and pairing a proven suspension platform with a smart motor and battery design and clean cockpit, Specialized really helped get people on eMTBs, and put smiles on faces.

So the smart kids at Morgan Hill set about out-doing themselves with a complete overhaul of the Specialized Turbo Levo, and just like with the Specialized Stumpjumper - they started fresh.



What is immediately noticeable is the change to the frame shape - and it's lighter and stiffer as well. The motor and battery management has had some tweaks too, giving you up to 40% more range. This is impressive, as the Turbo Levo already boasted great range - and it's one of the few limiting factors for eMTBs (well, along with entry price).

A closer look at the details

The tech team took to the trails of Switzerland to figure out the finer points and major points of the new Turbo Levo.

The frame, motor and battery are a lot lighter, and the weight sits lower in the frame. The standover height has also been improved. All this makes for a bike that is better to ride up, down and over demanding all-mountain terrain. Weight has been cut out of both the mainframe and motor and mounting. Specialized even claim an alloy Turbo Levo weighs less than the previous S-works carbon model!

The geo has a longer reach while keeping the back end short, and there is a flip chip so you can tune your bottom bracket height and head angle to suit your trails.

The travel is bumped up to 150mm, with suspension that offers more midstroke support to allow for a more aggressive ride.

 The new 2.1 motor has a whopping 90Nm of torque and up to 560W of assistance. Specialized claim that their latest software means there is no surging, it's just a better version of you on the trails.

These are all bold claims, especially when Specialized have stated that they may have created the lightest full-suspension all-mountain eMTB. It's a bold claim, and one we'd be happy to test out soon. There's lots more to like about the new Specialized Turbo Levo - from battery life, to App updates and more. But we suggest you drop in to your local dealer to get the inside line on the finer details.

Pricing starts at $7000, and goes right up to $15000 for the S-Works model if only the best will do.