Shingleback Offroad have forged their place as a leading manufacturer of vertical bike racks, designing and manufacturing their racks right here in Australia. If you haven't seen one of their racks up close, you won't understand just how rugged they are. We've said it in reviews before - but you're likely to have a Shingleback rack longer than you'll have the vehicle you attach it to.

We have tested the Shingleback Classic, and more recently the totally unique Shingleback 2B90. Both racks are popular for their strength, carrying capacity and design. But they are not without their faults. And that's where the new Shingleback Sport and Boost come in.

The new racks are based on a few updated design points that make a huge difference.

New wheel cradles

This means the cradles can support more wheel sizes and tyre widths, and they support the the tyre at the tread, and not the sidewall.

This also includes optional inserts, meaning the cradles can securely support road and gravel tyres, without the bike moving around in the cradle.


More adjustments and adaptability

Some people found that on the racks with quite a number of bikes, they couldn't get the placements just right. Or, with shorter wheelbased bikes, the bike couldn't sit securely. Along with a greater fit with the wheel cradles, where they sit along with the rear wheel supports is now adjustable.

It's more of a set and forget adjustment, than one to do each shuttle run. But it's ideal for large families or groups of friends that always ride together.

Easier loading - with options

Given vertical racks are often on the back of lifted 4x4s, it can take feats of strength to get some bikes up there. So, the Sport and Boost both recline backwards for easier loading from the ground. Just by popping the front wheel up, you can load a bike.

Here's where it gets cool. Whie the Shingleback Sport folds down and lifts up - the Shingleback Boost folds down with a gas strut for support, which also does the lifting!


The benefit here is obvious. With 4, 5 and 6 bike rack options, you may well have 120kg or more loaded on the rack. Can you lower that down on your own? The Boost helps lower it safely, and lift it back up with a release lever. This means you don't need to employ the valsalva maneuver to deal with the weight - and you avoid injury. It just makes Shingleback Offroad racks suit more people, while the design changes mean they suit more bikes. There's even more to discuss, including how the racks now suit a wider variety of vehicles, and can carry gear for snow and water sports!

Shingleback Off Road - Boost from Shingleback Off Road on Vimeo.

Pricing starts at $1990 for the Sport, and $2450 for the Boost, for the 4-bike models. We've got reviews of both coming to our coming issues, once we have enough time shuttling, driving on rough roads, and generally loading and unloading lots of bikes.

So if you want more details now, head to the Shingleback Offroad website.