New other bits from Shimano

Sure there is less fanfare compared to a completely new Deore group set, but Shimano have released a few other updates. Firstly, a new dropper post lever. The MT500 lever can use iSpecEV or a bar mount, and is a lower priced option than the current Shimano dropper - it doesn't use a bearing but otherwise the action is about the same.

What is also pretty cool is new flat mount brakes for XTR, Deore XT and SLX. A few frame designs use these due to design requirements with flex stays and the like, so this means you don't need an adaptor to put a Shimano brake on. 


Shimano have also released XTR crank sets with a chain line to suit Super Boost (157mm), and a Deore level 2x crank set for 142 and 148mm back ends, with a direct mount spide for 26/36.

And there is still more!

Shimano have a new MT601 12-speed wheel set, with a tubeless alloy rim, 27.5" or 29" options and Boost or non-Boost hub widths.

Also, with Deore making such a leap in performance, Shimano gave Alivio a solid work out with updated options for 3x9 and 2x9 group sets.

And what about eMTB?

The eMTB crowd aren't forgotten, with 630Wh batteries now available in internal and external options for bikes to be designed around.

There are also 12-speed eMTB chain rings for 157mm Super Boost back ends to make sure the chain line is spot on.

If you're curious about more details on any of the new bits'n'bobs, drop into your local Shimano dealer - and remember give them a call ahead of your visit incase you need to make an appointment.