While Day 5 does have a climb called Mt Misery, it's actually a stunning stage. With a route that takes in dirt roads, old stage coach routess, farm roads and some connecting trails, it's a really varied stage that takes you via the isolated gold mining town of Irvinebank, before you finally finish at the Skybury Coffee plantation, ordering some carrot cake and a cappucino and sitting on a deck overlooking the farmlands... the day couldn't have more contrasts if it tried!

Don't mess up your nutrition - here are our tips.

The stage is long, but it is also one of the flattest stages of the event, and given you finish at a cafe/restaurant you can make sure your reserves are well-stocked. Just leave some room for dinner. The best news? You're here for two nights. Don't forget to stock up on some freshly roasted beans or grind for your aeropress.

Ok now day 6 might be a little more reminiscent of what you have seen from the Crocodile Trophy 10 years ago or so. You're doing a 125km stage from Skybury and back to Skybury. There's a stretch where you won't want to stop or ask for help as the visions beyond the remote farm gates don't look inviting... but there's also a long section of cattle worn singletrack that is damn fun to race on.


This is a day where you experience the vast nothing that sits within Australia. And you're only on the edge of thousands of kilometres of it.
Day 7 is all new for the Crocodile Trophy - and has some sweet sections of singletrack in it.