JetBlack MTB Racing have sent in this update. Follow the team here.

It was way back 3 years ago that whilst some of the JetBlack Team were on a training ride around Wylde MTB Park in Western Sydney we bumped into this young kid on a mountain bike. After a quick meet and greet, he was immediately welcomed in to ‘the fold’ and finished off his ride with his new teammates! 

Upon finishing, he proudly posted that he was to be racing in the famous fluro yellow colours of the JetBlack MTB Team.

With the team having some experienced riders in the stable,  he was able to soak up the advice and knowledge during races and training. Elevating his MTB riding to the next level which sees him consistently smashing out the fastest lap times and race wins in the Rockytrail Entertainment Shimano XC series.

Scott’s love of MTB has been a great pleasure to watch for many within our large family. It is what the team prides itself on, and has been the mantra since day one - nurturing juniors and providing opportunities within the cycling community to chase their dreams on 2 wheels, whether they be on slicks or knobblies.

Whilst Scott is driven and hungry in the MTB scene, it is his love of road racing that is going to take him on his next journey.

This drive and passion has now seen Scott accepted to ride with the Charvieu Chavagneux Isere Cyclisme team in France for the majority of the 2018 season! And we couldn’t be happier for the young un.

Whilst it will be sad to see him go, it will also be very exciting to watch from a distance whilst he rides in some very tough and challenging races in Europe. This experience will provide him with a valuable learning experience, and hopefully put some cash in his pocket along the way!

Our huge JetBlack family wishes him all the best, and will be proud to see him pull on the famous fluro yellow colours once more for his final race at the JetBlack 12hr, teaming up with former 24hr World Champion, Craig Gordon.

Give it some braaaap Scotty!