The Redback mountain bike stage race is your desert winter warmer this year, with six stages of riding over 4 event days, all out of Alice Springs.

Alice Springs is the beating mountain bike heart in Central Australia, and we think it is one of the best places to go for a mountain bike escape.

Alice is wonderland

Match easy event logistics with some of the best singletrack in the country. There's a sprint hill climb, three 40-50km stages, a time trial and a night race, making The Redback the most varied event on the calendar!

Don't forget your lights!

If you have never ridden in Alice Springs, heading out for a friendly event like The Redback can be one of the easiest ways to get out and onto the trails. There have been huge updates to the trail networks around Alice, making it easier to navigate them than a few years ago. But one of the best ways to experience trails is with others, and The Redback guarantees there will be plenty of like-minded mountain bikers on hand to enjoy the trails with - or for fun activities off the bike too.

Get out and about when you're in Alice Springs

The event runs from 23-26th August, but we suggest getting out there a couple of days in advance to take in a bit more of the surroundings. Whether it's doing a tour on an outback station, visiting the Alice Springs Desert Park, going for a trail ride, or going for a hike up Mt Gillen, there is always something to do in Alice Springs, and winter is the best time to visit.

Find out more details from The Redback website.