Inspired by the success of the Carbon Endurance MTB Handlebar and subsequent Aero Bolt-On Ride Farr set out to combine these two popular upgrades into 1 item.

The result is their new Aero MTB Handlebar which features a slightly refined aero shape which better complements the curve and design of the Carbon Endurance MTB Handlebar.

With the one-piece construction and design the new Aero MTB Handlebar can be used for UCI MTB events. While it's use might not seem all that appropriate for many singletrack marathons in Australia, there is certainly appeal for those undertaking bikepacking trips on a mountain bike, or even tackling something like the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge or Crocodile Trophy.

With a full carbon construction and a 31.8mm bar clamp diameter, the 720mm bars weigh 239g including gripper pads that can be added.

First stock of the new handlebar will be available from Mid April 2019 onwards and backorders will take preference.

RRP: About $345 plus $15 delivery (5-7 days)

From: Ride Farr