Pirelli's mountain bike range was launched in early 2019, and it is still evolving. Today, Pirelli have released a new Enduro Mixed conditions tyre, and it is available in both the HardWall and lighter ProWall casing. There's also a new rubber compound.

The update is designed to work for those riding enduro bikes, racing enduro and for eMTB use. The Pirelli Scorpion Enduro and Scorpion E-MTB lines currently include three different treads: S (Soft Terrain), R (Rear Specific) and M (Mixed Terrain), to offer specific solutions in different surface conditions. The M tread, the one designed for greater versatility, has been completely revamped with a much wider performance window. There is a new knob layout and a new profile, which is more aggressive but extremely versatile.

Old vs New

The taller, reinforced knobs are designed to withstand the high mechanical loads typical of an aggressive riding style and high performance bikes. The revamped Scorpion Enduro M and Scorpion E-MTB M are designed to be true all-rounders, be it big days in the park, on the mountain, or racing.

A new Smartgrip Gravity Compound

The Smartgrip Gravity Compound has been developed using Pirelli's motorsport experience in motocross and rally comperition. In the new mix of materials designed by Pirelli R&D, chemical grip, smoothness, and tear resistance remain high and stick to to the design principles of its sister Smartgrip.

In the new mix, the static stiffness value has been lowered to around 50 Shore A, which increases the tyre's ability to conform to the trail, reduce vibrations and increasing grip.

While Smartgrip Gravity is debuting on the new M design, it is also being updated on the existing S model of the Scorpion Enduro and E-MTB range.

More casing options

Pirelli have offered the Enduro models with the Hardwall casing to this point - it's a very strong, reinforced casing that is ideal for the demands of Enduro racing, and also capable of eMTB use. The bead-to-bead protection is matched with a rubber insert above the bead.

Pirelli's HardWall casing

ProWall casing has been the standard on the Pirelli Scorpion Trail range, but is now also available on Enduro tyres. The casing is the lighter and more supple, with sidewalls reinforced by a nylon fabric. It's still a strong casing, but one that suits riders who don't huck to flat and who prefer more trail feel. And now, they can have the new compound and new tread pattern.

On the trail

We sent Ryan a Scorpion Enduro Mixed tyre to test, and his review is in our next issue.

'The revised Smartgrip compound, whatever it is baked up of, has a clear advantage over the current Scorpion S and M tyres, thecompound is softer to touch and the chemical grip on the damp rocks is noticeable.'

'There are generous sipes on all knobs, whichprovide additional bitewhen tipping in and trying to hold high lines, so Scorpion Enduro M isvery predictable when doing so.'

Check in with your Pirelli dealer or direct to FEsports.com.au for availability.

RRP: $129.99