Specialized have just released a firmware update for some of the Levo Turbo e-bike range. The new firmware is available via Mission Control, or using Turbo Studio at your Specialized dealer.

The new Jump Stats update uses the accelerometer that's buried in your MasterMind TCU - which means if you have a previous model Turbo Levo, you'll have to just rely on ride stoke, not stats. Compatible models include most Levo Gen3 bikes, Kenevo SL and some Kenevo Expert bikes.

But, for those with the latest model, you can choose to have the data on the screen, or just recorded in the app.

You can record a few key metrics. Total number of jumps, jump distance and jump duration.

The distance is based on speed from your take off, not GPS tracking, with the duration recording the free fall period.

Have you got a Garmin? Then you might recognise the functionality, it's similar to their jump detection. 

There are some constraints. Jumps are based on a parabolic measurement, a smooth arc. So dirt jumps with steep take offs will record a much longer jump distance than the distance travelled. Also, a manual is likely going to be recorded as a jump as well. Still, it's a bit of fun.

It all gets recorded in the Mission Control App, but you'll need to reset it to zero if you want to see the stats for a ride, or trail. And that sounds like some good post-ride stats to throw around at the trail head, or on the group chat.