When working on the trail (no, not with trail tools) your equipment cops a hiding! Working for AMB is a dream job, no two ways about it. But it can take a toll on a few key things. Bulk time in bike shoes mean they have a short life, but one of the most frustrating things is what some of your expensive electronic equipement cops. Cameras, GPS units and phones all get used and abused in a variety of conditions. Quite often great conditions, but plenty of times - not so much.

I've replaced two completely cracked screens on my iPhone since late August, which as you'd know is painfully expensive. So when an EFM screen protector and case rocked up to test on my new iPhone it was a no brainer!

The EFM Saphhire screen protector is like most, with a multilayered design that keeps your screen scratch free. I'd had a cheap one fitted when receiving my new phone and while it felt silly to remove it - I did anyway. The EFM protector is actually more sensitive and reduces typos from fat fingers - but touch screens are still way too sensitive for humid and sweaty weather!

Plenty of people choose to leave their phones at home or in the car so they don't get damaged. But what about emergency calls? Or sweet trail tweaks with Shimano E-Tube? Trailforks? Strava? The Fox suspension app? BOM Radar? Instagram? Phones are part of our lives, not just part of mountain bike media work. So having it on you, and having it safe is essential.

Voice recorder, calendar, gram machine, camera, video camera, phone, notepad... breaking a phone when away for work isn't really an option.

I paired the screen protector with the Cayman case. It's pretty standard in appearance, and uses D30 - one of those materials that firms up under impact. It's slimline and has a clear back which unfortunately doesn't cover up the fact that my new phone is white. The back is scratch resistant and reinforced around the camera to protect the lens. The case protrude above the screen for some extra protection there too.

Never not gramming.

The upshot to all this is even though I dropped and fumbled with my phone a number of times - it's in one piece. That even included a drop onto tiles (may or may not have been a bathroom).

There are plenty of phone cases out there but this setup of a screen protector and case is doing my new phone wonders so far. If you always have your phone with you when riding, and when you're out in your 'non-cycling life' these options from EFM are good. They don't scream "outdoor adventure" and while they are by no means weatherproof, they are proving to keep this essential work tool in one piece. Will I never break an iPhone again? That seems unlikely, but after a week of riding at Blue Derby and Maydena with my phone in a backpack or pocket - it came out unscathed.

RRP: About $100 for the two items

From: EFM