Bright is the alpine town nestled at the feet of giant's in the Victorian High Country. While Bright can be a pitstop on the way to Falls Creek and Mt Beauty, it's a cracking destination in its own right and popular with all cyclists.

All mountain bikers love Bright.

Having held yet another successful National Championship this year, MTBA have announced that bright will be hosting the National Champs again in 202, from 12-15 March. Riders will duke it out for the green and gold jerseys in cross-country (XCO), Downhill (DHI) and Observed Trials (OT).

“We are pleased to be returning to the High Country which is very supportive of mountain biking and build on the success of what was achieved at this year’s Championships,” said Shane Coppin.

If you haven't been to Bright for a few years, you might be surprised to see how much the trails and town have developed. Bright has always been in a beautiful spot, but the growth of the trails in and around Mystic Bike Park has skyrocketed. Even if you have no interest in racing, it's worth a trip to Bright to ride. all these updates just make it a better venue for the big show in March as well/. 

“This was the best date that could accommodate all disciplines, as well as work in with next year’s international mountain bike calendar and the seasonal challenges faced in regional Victoria,” added Coppin. 

Mick Hannah at Mystic

The event will again be supported by Alpine Shire Council, Sport and Recreation Victoria and the Alpine Cycling Club, who helped deliver the 2019 event. Need more details? head to the trusty MTBA website, and why not join up at the same time?