Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) have just announced a new structure for mountain bike events across multiple disciplines in Australia. The new MTBA National Cup structure brings a new framework to national, state and club level racing around the country.

“The MTBA National Cup is a way to better embrace and incorporate the wide range of
high quality existing events throughout the country annually,” MTBA's CEO Shane Coppin said.
“We have spent many months developing the National Cup and have had significant
consultation with affiliated clubs, members and other interested parties. All have contributed significantly to the final competition structure, framework and details.”
There will be six levels that make up the MTBA National Cup:
• National Competition: MTBA National Championships
• State Championships: Sanctioned MTBA State Championships
• Marquee Events: Well established events (State based)
• Tier 1: Well established events (State based)
• Tier 2: Emerging events (Regional based)
• Tier 3: Introductory events (Club based)

The MTBA National Cup will cover cross-country, marathon, stage races, downhill and gravity enduro. MTBA currently oversee cyclocross as well but it looks like it won't be incorporated. #prayforCX.

Riders accrue points in events within their chosen discipline. We suspect having a point score for cross-country, one for marathon, one for stage races, one for downhill and one for gravity enduro would get messy so hopefully there is a XC based score and a gravity based one within each age group or category. The top point scorer in an any category gets free entry into the following National Championship.

Ideally the point score will also be used for grid positions at events like state and national level races.

“This provides participants with the opportunities to compete nationally, no matter where
they are located, improve their personal performance and receive a national ranking." said Coppin. “The MTBA National Cup framework will provide opportunities for riders to seek national team selection and gain UCI points.”

The plan will asisst with working towards a national ranking, without extensive travel around our broad country - something that will reduce the high expense of competing in the current national series.

To compete in the MTBA National Cup, riders simply need to enter an event that has been
listed with the MTBA National Cup and promotes the MTBA National Cup logo. Head online for details.

We're yet to see which events sit where, but we suspect in the coming days it will be clear which clubs and private promoters will be signing their events up to the MTBA National Cup.