In September 2018, Canberra Off Road Cyclists (CORC) delivered what plenty of locals were asking for. A fast and fun local stage race. A stage race is a great way to spend a weekend (or a week!) on your mountain bike, and Canberra is up there with locations to go that have the variety of terrain that is required. After a successful first year, the question was - what's next?

It turns out, the best thing was to pull in some support! The Mitas Terra in the Berra is now run with Rocky Trail Entertainment, and the 3-day event is on again in late September. What we think is really cool is that it will combine with the AMB100, and also have an eMTB demo day.

"Our team is really embracing this event and the new partnership with CORC. We have built up a portfolio of strong Rocky Trail events and have expanded our resources, which allow us to support organisations like CORC so that they can focus on what they are so passionate about: trails and riding those."

"By engaging Rocky Trail and our experienced event and operations management team as well as our marketing channels and industry network, CORC can focus on their core strengths in the so iconic Canberra mountain bike region including trail advocacy and member activities, which will bring their vision of showcasing the Canberra trails with a major event to life."

Canberra is a great place to visit for mountain biking anyway, but we think with the Terra in the Berra is going to be a great way to enjoy the trails with a larger social element than a solo riding trip might have otherwise.

What's on offer

The fun kicks off on Friday afternoon on 27th September, at Majura Pines and the Mount Majura Vineyard.

There will be a short-course race in Majura Pines, before a social event in the adjoining winery with local foods and wine and some music as well.

Saturday 28th is a big day, as while the event venue picks up from Majura to its home for the weekend at Stromlo Forest Park, the events on the day have something for just about anyone.

Rocky Trail are setting up an eMTB demo day with the help of some major bike brands (watch this space!) and there will also be an invite only eMTB event.

There's a 43km loop mapped out that will lead you from the event centre to Kambah Pools and Pine Island. You'll be riding on parts of the Centennary Trail and along the banks of the Murrumbidgee river.

But there is a slight difference, this isn't a 43km loop with a start and finish line, it's an organised route with a few timed sections instead. You might say it's taking the spirit of enduro to the masses, but the other way of thinking about it is doing a cool loop with friends, with the opportunity to put the hammer down on two timed sections if you want to. The first is a 13km time trial, and the other is 1km hill climb up Cooleman Ridge. This will also decide the Kings and Queens of the mountain for the day.

Day 3 is the big one with the AMB100 (ok, maybe we are biased!). The lap based marathon race tackles a loop of the best trails at Mount Stromlo Forest Park. Expect a lap to be about 25-30km. Course director Martin Wisata will lay it out ahead of the event depending on trail conditions and what trails are running really well. The AMB100 is still a standalone event, but it's also got the most time against the clock, so even if someone has had an edge on you on Friday and Saturday - you might get them back on the trails at Stromlo with one and two lap options for the multi-day event.

Of course if you don't have the time to do the whole Terra in the Berra, there is the option of the 5-lap race for the AMB100, or the one, two or three lap options. We tend to think the double lap is the sweet spot.

There's a whole lot to get excited about for the second year of this grassroots event in Canberra. Whether you want to race your friends, demo an eMTB, tackle a personal challenge or just have an organised event for the weeked - the Mitas Terra in the Berra ticks a whole lot of boxes.

While this will be the second running for the Mitas Terra in the Berra, Rocky Trail's Wisata assures us that this is the beginning of long term growth.

"We have a very clear long-term vision for this event and this year it was important to us to make it available to all types of mountain bikers with the event hub at Stromlo Forest Park. We are passionate about offering an inclusive event, which engages riders of all ages and riding preferences and offers them a playground to enjoy riding and racing their bikes." 

We will bolt on event elements over the next few years to continue what CORC started: this year it was the social element of racing and finishing at Mount Majura Vineyard as well as the inclusion of one of our flagship endurance events with the AMB100 Marathon. We secured the unique trails along the Murrumbidgee River as part of the Bicentenary Trail Network and in future envisage broadening the multi-day competition element that will link even more pockets of trails together in future we hope.

Hope to see you there!