On December 21st Maydena Bike Park will open The Regnans Ride, the park’s first top-to-bottom beginner ride. We visited Maydena Bike Park about one year ago, just ahead of the opening and were blown away by this huge leap forward for mountain bike parks in Australia.

Maydena was jam-packed full of progressive trails that went from natural lines through the rainforest, to sculpted berms and huge jumps on the lower slopes. With over 800m of vertical to play with, Maydena's trails are steep and demanding. But what we saw was the first stage. The following stages are about providing trails for the mountain biking majority - beginners and intermediate riders.

When Maydena first opened the park was aimed squarely at experienced gravity riders. And it delivered!

The Regnans Ride is the highest elevation, purpose-built beginner mountain bike ride in the world, and offers a stunning, gently descending trail ride through sub-alpine areas and world heritage rainforests above the town of Maydena. Aptly named, The Regnans Ride shares the name of the eucalyptus regnans, the world’s tallest flowering plant, which are abundant across the Maydena Bike Park site.

Coinciding with the Regnans Ride launch, a number of other advanced trails will be opening. The stage two trail development at Maydena Bike Park has been supported through co-funding supplied by the Tasmanian Government’s Cycle Tourism Fund. 

This should be a great addition to the bike park, and one that also expands the range of events Maydena can host, and the number of mountain bikers who will visit and stay in the town in the coming years. We can't wait to get down again soon to see how the place is developing.

Maydena Bike Park