Marzocchi's long mountain bike heritage is coming to the fore, with another air option joining the line up. The new DH-rated Bomber Air has a purpose-built asymmetrical shock reservoir, which helps it fit in a wider variety of frames while keeping access to the compression adjuster easy. The compression adjuster is a sweep style, making it easy to use. Interestingly, the sweep range is adjustable, apparently so you can adjust the stop to a narrower window.

The air valve also has better access, making adjustments far easier, especially when you need to get your bike dialled in. To assist tuning, Marzocchi use proven internals (from Fox) along with unique air volume spacers - which are included.

The Bomber Air has a large shock reservoir which increases oil flow and volume for consistent performance on the big hits and longer descents. With the adjustments being tool free, it means the Bomber Air suits days on big hills in the bike park - both from a performance and ease of tuning stand point.

The Marzocchi Bomber Air comes in a bunch of sizes with 40-75mm strokes

Metric: 190x45, 210x50, 210x52.5, 210x55, 230x57.5, 230x60, 230x65, 250x75
Trunnion: 185x52.5, 185x55, 205x60, 205x62.5, 225x75
Weight: 484 grams (205x65) 

From: Ride Fox Australia
Price: TBC